Desiccant – Sundry II

Desiccant Sundry II

Sundry one of the desiccant agent use to prevent rust and dew formation.Sundry made from Calcium Chloride and natural materials from grain shells, representing the effective recycling of natural resources and less damage to environment.


1.Excellent Moisture Absorption performance.Absorb more than 6 times compared to Silica Gel.

2.Easy use and storage.

3.Odorless & Safe to use.

4.Non toxic properties.


1.Environment friendly.

2. Resolves into nature after use.


Photos- Function Sundry II

Sundry used to prevent rust especially for Transporting Automobiles part,Electrical Equipment and all other machines parts.

Sundry II vs Silica gel 

Description Sundry II Silica Gel
Price Expensive Cheap
Quantity usage Less quantity More quantity
Adsorb Moisture level High Low
Re-use Can not Can
Usage except food packing include  food packaging.


Moisture Absorption Rate between Sundry and Silica Gel

Sundry II vs Silica gel

Sundry is a right preventive solution for a wide range of goods.




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