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Carton Box Packing

Part : Steel Automotive Part

Step 1 : Tape bottom carton  box with Opp Tape, then put PP Hollow Pad (white) inside the carton box.


Step 2 : Apply LDPE Sheet on top of the carton box.


Step 3 : Apply Antirust Plastic Boselon Sheet on the LDPE Sheet.


Step 4 : Put part on the Boselon Sheet.

IMG-20141210-WA0017  file-page1 (2)

Step 5 : Put 1 pc Desiccant of Silica Gel or SUNDRY on the part.

IMG-20141210-WA0018   Desiccant 2

Step 6 : Wrap the part with Boselon Sheet.

IMG-20141210-WA0019   file-page2[1]

Step 7 : Wrap with LDPE Sheet and tape use Opp Tape.

IMG-20141210-WA0020   DESICCANT 4

Step 8 : Closed the box and tape it.


Box Packing was completed. 🙂



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