Stretch Film

Stretch film

Stretch film is coming in varying gauges,colors and can be use in numerous applications.Stretch film is wrapped around the load to provide stability. The film is stretched 200-300% while it is applied either by hand or machine. The properties of stretch film cause it to try and return to its original size, resulting in a tight and secure load for shipping. Stretch film also provides some protection from moisture and dust, can be a deterrent from pilferage, and improves stability of the load for internal handling. Stretch film is made of polyethylene plastic.

Hand films usually have minimal stretch (25-100%) in order to aid the operator in applying the product and are in many ways similar to a large roll of very thin tape.  Machine films on the other hand can have very high stretch levels (150 -300%) and, because they are applied by automated equipment, can be configured to exert very high levels of tension on a load if desired.

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In pallet unitizing, stretch wrap can have several functions:

  • Improved stability of products or packages, forming a unit loads
  • More efficient handling and storage of unit loads
  • Dust and moisture protection
  • some degree of tamper resistance and resistance to package pilferage
  • some degree of sun protection (UV stretch wraps)

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Manual Wrapper (by Hand)

Intended for manual wrapping, the thickness of the manufactured film ranges from 10 to 40 micrometres and the width is 450 mm or 500 mm, guaranteed stretch is 100%, the film is wound on automatic machinery equipped with devices controlling both the length and the weight of film wound on the roll.

  1. Extended Core
  2. Mechanical Brake
  3. Pole Wrappers

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Semi Automatic Wrappers

  1. Turtable Wrappers
  2. Orbital Wrappers
  3. Rotary Arm Wrappers

Automotic Wrappers

  1. Turntable Wrappers
  2. Rotary Arm Wrappers
  3. Rotary Ring Wrapper


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Types of stretch film include bundling stretch film, hand stretch film, extended core stretch film, machine stretch film and static dissipative film.

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