Paper Pallet

Paper Pallet

Paper pallets are shipping display pallet made from paperboard.

Paper shipping pallets come in corrugated fibreboard partial wood decks or engineered with laminated paperboard. Some are made of paperboard composite honeycomb.

Comparison between Paper Pallet and Wooden Pallet

DescriptionPaper PalletWooden Pallet
Weight70% lighterHeavy
Load CapacityLess than 1 tan or 500kg depend on pallet designAble load more than 1 tan base on pallet design
Oversea ShipmentNo need fumigationMust fumigation
Recycle useNot suitable to recycle useAble to recycle use
StorageNot suitable to storage outside warehouse in raining seasonAble to storage outside

Other benificial of Paper Pallet

* Made completely from kraft paper, paper pallets are totally recyclable.

*No hazardous gasses or chemicals used or emitted in manufacturing our pallet.

Sample Paper Pallet

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*There are many different design configurations that exist within the paper pallet market that may use glue, staples and paper cores in their assembly, although designs have been engineered from just two flat corrugated boards.

You are welcome to discuss with us if you want different design of Paper Pallet.images (2)

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