Company Profile

Established on 25 June 2001, Mabuchi Thailand Co. Ltd. is a packaging solutions company with our first operating plant in Chonburi, Thailand. With more than 300 employees at present and still growing in number, Mabuchi Thailand is a joint venture between Mabuchi in Japan and Mabuchi Thailand. Throughout the years of service, Mabuchi Thailand has expanded our business network with offices and manufacturing plants in Siam Mabuchi Co Ltd. With our headquarters in Chonburi, Mabuchi Thailand is solely independent in our business operations whereby we have acquired our expertise and skills from Mabuchi in Japan.

Our company provides total packaging solutions to our customers with our innovative and cost effective packaging service ideas using materials in meeting their packaging needs. We are the specialist in packaging solutions of manufacturer and supplier of packing services and packaging materials in Thailand bringing sophisticated packaging knowledge, technique, skill and experience such as CKD packing, industrial packing and machinery packing of supplier. Our knowledgeable and dedicated solutions team works professionally by providing sound advice in packaging service ideas to meet each client’s requirements.

Over the years, Mabuchi has earned great trusts and also build strong relationships with our customers through the delivery of our reliable and consistent services. We believe that the commitment of our service will bring greater satisfactions and support from our customers.

  • Name
  • Mabuchi Thailand Co. Ltd.
  • HQ
  • in Chonburi
  • Branch
  • Siam Mabuchi Co. Ltd.
  • Share
  • THB 143,734,000
  • Establish
  • 25 June 2001
  • Sales Detail
  • Making Steel Case, Crate, Pallet, Part and Packing Service
  • Director
  • 5 Person
  • Staff
  • 309 (107 + 212) Staff
  • Group Company
  • Mabuchi in Japan
    Mabuchi Package Malaysia
    Mabuchi Indonesia

Mabuchi Thailand Co. Ltd.